Dry Detangling Hair Brush
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Dry Detangling Hair Brush

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  • 1.【Detangling Brush】 This award winning Boar Bristle Hair Brush detangles every type of hair pain-free. Tired of tears and screams when brushing your daughter's hair? This hair brush is the secret to tear-free hair brushing. Stop wasting time and money on detangling sprays and hair brushes that just don't work. WORKS with EVERY TYPE of HAIR - MEN, BOYS and ADULT WOMEN WILL LOVE IT TOO!

  • 2.【Pain-Free Detangling Guarantee】 Removes your discomfort with the comb’s nylon tips and bristles.

  • 3.【Vented For Blow Drying】 This brush is vented for faster drying with a blow dryer.

  • 4.【Curved & Oversized Head】 This hair brush has a large head with a curved shape that allow optimum contact points and angles with the scalp.

  • 5.【Ergonomic Design】 Follows your natural head curve for a smooth comb, thanks to its ergonomic design.



Color:black ,pink, white